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Eternal Center is an independent website that belongs to Mingyu Zhu. It focuses on and shares open source technologies such as independent website construction, server system, database, server cluster, programming language and so on. At the same time, it will also record the classic thoughts and important moments of human civilization, such as famous sayings, world famous works historical events, and so on.

永恒中心 (Eternal Center) 是一个属于朱明宇的独立网站,关注和分享独立网站建设、服务器系统、数据库、服务器集群、编程语言等开源技术。同时也会记录名人名言、世界名著、历史事件等人类文明的经典思想和重要瞬间。

Special Thanks (特别鸣谢):

Here, I would like to thank for innovation and dedication of Evolution Host, thank for Evolution Host willingness to provide a free NVMe SSD VPS for Eternal Center from December 2021: https://evolution-host.com/blog/ssd-vps-hosting.php.

在此,我想要感谢 Evolution Host 的创新和奉献,感谢 Evolution Host 愿意从 2021 年 12 月开始为永恒中心 (Eternal Center) 提供一台免费的 NVMe SSD VPShttps://evolution-host.com/blog/ssd-vps-hosting.php