Fediverse Netizen Institute of Open Source (宇宙公民开源学院)

The full name of FNIOS is Fediverse Netizen Institute of Open Source. This is a virtual open source institute, which aims to summarizing information technique industrial certificates. The purpose is giving people study advises to improve their technique and knowledge of information if they want.

Fediverse means a decentralized alliance that everyone can join it. For example, we publish our articles on the Internet. Everyone in the world can read and share it on its own individual website, and another person can do the same things through the previous person’s website. In this way, every individual website can have an interaction for each other, and they compose a cosmic alliance. Fediverse is a new word born in the 21th century AD , composed by two English word Federation and Universe.

Netizen means borderless citizen who lives in the Internet world. Netizen is a new word evolved from another English word citizen in the 21th century AD .

Open source means a borderless international zone, which is transparent shared and everyone can join it. The knowledge and technique in it belong to everyone, but everyone’s creation which bases on open source must also keep open source.

FNIOS 的全名是:宇宙公民开源学院联邦宇宙网络公民开源学院)。这是一所虚拟的开源学院,其目标是汇总信息技术行业的证书。目的是给予想要提高自身信息技术和信息知识的人学习建议。

Fediverse (联邦宇宙) 的意思是一个去中心化每个人都可以参与的联盟。例如,我们在互联网上发表了自己的文章。世界上的每个人都可以阅读并在她 (他) 自己的个人网站上发布,之后另一个人又可以从这个人的网站上做同样的事情。通过这种方式,每一个独立的网站都可以相互交互,她们 (他们) 共同组成了一个宇宙性质的联盟。Fediverse (联邦宇宙) 是一个新的词语诞生于公元 21 世纪,由两个英语单词组成 federation (联邦) 和 universe (宇宙)。

Netizen (网络公民) 的意思是生活在网络世界的无国界公民。Netizen (网络公民) 是一个在 21 世纪由另一个英语单词 citizen 演变而来的新词语。

Open source (开源) 是指一个无国界的国际领域,这个领域透明、共享且人人皆可参与。这个领域的知识和技术属于每个人,但是每个基于开源的创造必须保持开源。

For now, I plan to get follow credits to get FNIOS certificate (目前,我计划获得以下学分来获得宇宙公民开源学院的证书):

IELTSInternational English Language Testing SystemCompulsory CreditGet the total score 5.0 or above1.0
ICRCInternational Committee of the Red CrossCompulsory CreditDonate to ICRC once or more1.0
CCNACisco Certified Network AssociateCompulsory CreditGet this certificate1.0
RHCSARed Hat Certified System AdministratorCompulsory CreditGet this certificate1.0
OCP MySQLOracle Certified Professional, MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator CertificationCompulsory CreditGet this certificate1.0
Compulsory Credits Table
IELTSInternational English Language Testing SystemElective CreditGet total score 6.0 or above1.0
ICRCInternational Committee of the Red CrossElective CreditDonate to ICRC twice or more (At least two donations’ interval time span exceeds one year)1.0
RHCERed Hat Certified EngineerElective CreditGet this certificate1.0
PMPProject Manger ProfessionalElective CreditGet this certificate2.0
GitHubGitHub starElective CreditGet more than one star on GitHub or above1.0
IELTSInternational English Language Testing SystemElective CreditGet total score 7.0 or above2.0
Elective Credits Table