Eternal Center was founded by Mingyu Zhu.


At present, it is owned by Mingyu Zhu, maintained and updated by Mingyu Zhu, following CC BY-SA 4.0 protocol, using Fedora operating system, using Fedora operating system’s software library (which includes software: Nginx MariaDB PHP and Certbot etc.), using WordPress website program, SSL certificate is provided by Let’s Encrypt SSL, server nodes and standby server nodes are provided by Evolution Host and DigitalOcean, eternal server node is provided by GitHub, domain name resolution is provided by Dynadot, cloud storage is provided by pCloud, code hosting is provided by GitHub.

Topological Graph

                   Irregular backup or clone
Primary Server Node  -------------------->  Backup Server Node
                                       |          |
                                       |          |
Pcloud  <-------------------------------          | Automatically
                                       |          | restore
                                       |          | the latest backup
GitHub  <-------------------------------          | every day
                                       |          |
                                       |          |
Eternal Server Node  <-----------------           |
Standby Server Node  <-----------------------------

Main Information

Primary IP address:, (Please configure before use)
Effect display pages:,
Eternal URL address is:

Note: In the future, if can’t be access, you can visit the Eternal Center through

Backup Mechanism

Irregularly back up the data of the Eternal Center website used for cloning to pCloud cloud storage and GitHub code hosting
The website data of Eternal Center commemorative edition for cloning is generated irregularly and backed up to GitHub code hosting
Update the Eternal Center effect display page every quarter to year

Note: each GitHub code hosting repository has an effect presentation page. For example, GitHub code hosting repository is:, the effect display page of this GitHub code hosting repository is: