California Legend


In the Spanish novel “Tirant lo Blanc” in the 16th century, there is an island called California near the ocean side. It is a paradise, full of gold, and inhabited by the Amazon women soldiers who love freedom in ancient Greek legends, it is ruled by the Queen of Carafia.

In the great navigation age of the 16th century, Spanish navigators all wanted to find the California island. Later, they believed that the place now located in California and Baja California was the legendary California Island, and the name of these two places came from this. This opinion continued until the seventeenth century, until it was discovered that it was not true. But by this time, the name of California had taken root.

Although California is not the legendary California Island as the navigators imagined, but California has become the most populous and largest economy state in the United States, and the innovation center of human information technology is located in the Silicon Valley of California.

Although the legendary California is not in North America, perhaps this legendary paradise is in some interstellar ocean side in outer space. Today’s space program has become a new era of great navigation, and perhaps the real California can be found.