永恒中心(Eternal Center)


 From the time of Aristotle to the era of Hegel to the era of our present life, many social trend of thoughts that has continuously improved the values, morality and worldview of our civilization. In general, they have made our civilization gradually move from barbarism to humanity, from selfishness to justice, from superstition to rationality. They unwittingly influence the way of thinking, behavior and language of later generations, and become the eternal theme and classic of human civilization. Reading and admiring them is very beautiful and valuable and important, This will let us understand how to make the world a better place. Today’s open source information technology makes reading and appreciation more convenient and faster, and potential new thinkers, engineers, scientists, writers, etc. can also rely on this to get a platform that is easier to quickly share and store their efforts and achievements. Open source information technology, like the past words, alphabets, papermaking, and printing, can also be a booster for new social trends.

 This website will focus on and share two things: the “eternal” of human civilization, and using open source information technology to sharing “eternal” of human civilization. So the website owner named it the eternal center.

 Open source is not only a model for the IT industry to maintain its vitality in the industry, but also a sign that humanity is once again promoting its own level of civilization.

 The spirit of open source embraces the Internet spirit that everyone can participate, everyone can use, and without borders. It has unprecedentedly lowered the threshold for people to participate in the Internet industry, created Internet prosperity in countless countries, and improved the quality of life of people around the world.

 The concept of open source conforms to the original instinct of human happiness, curiosity, and self-fulfillment. Nowadays, the development of the IT industry is no longer money and power, but people’s own interests. Interest is the best teacher. It is the strongest source of human beings in a certain cause. It is the best way to stimulate human innovation. It makes the entire IT industry continue to be full of vitality.

 Because of the existence of open source, the hostility between people in the IT industry is less and less. Numerous friendships across nationalities, cultures and races have been brought together through open source, let people improve technology and create a better future together. Because of the existence of open source, humans have reduced the impact of rich and poor differences and power differences on themselves. Now people have a platform that can be fair and self-realizing. Whether it is the poor struggling on the poverty line, the president at the center of power, or the richest man with huge wealth, everyone is equal before open source. Who can first learn and participate in the corresponding open source projects through the Internet, who can become the great god in this respect, has nothing to do with a person’s education, birth, wealth, official position and so on.

 Eternal Center will share the open source technology and strive to become a tool website in the open source field. I hope that these sharing can make everyone get Happiness and Achievement.

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  本网站将主要关注和分享两样东西:人类文明的“永恒”,快速分享与存储“永恒”的开源信息技术。所以站主将它命名为永恒中心(Eternal Center)。

  开源不仅仅是让 IT 行业一直保持行业活力的模式,也是人类再次提升自我文明程度的标志。


  开源概念顺应了人性开心、好奇、自我成就的原始本能,如今引领 IT 行业发展的不再是金钱和权力,而是人们自身的兴趣。兴趣是最好的老师,是人类投身于某一事业的最强源动力,是激发人类创新能力的最佳方式,它使得整个 IT 行业持续充满了智创的活力。

  因为开源的存在,IT 行业不再是处于各种敌对和内耗之中,无数个跨越国度、文化和种族的友谊因为兴趣通过开源走在一起,倡导了人类要共同发展、共同进步、共同创造出更多财富的崇高理想。因为开源的存在,人类减少了贫富差异和权力差异对自身的影响,现在人们有了一个可以公平自我实现的平台。不管是在贫困线挣扎的贫民,处于权力中心的总统,还是拥有巨额财富的首富,在开源面前人人平等。谁能先通过互联网去学习和参与相应的开源项目,谁就能成为这方面的大神,与一个人的学历、出生、财富、官职等完全没有关系。

  永恒中心(Eternal Center),将向大家分享开源类的技术,并努力让自己也成为一个开源领域的工具网站,期待这些分享能给大家的工作或生活带来精彩和便利。

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